October 12, 2015

Screen Before You Meet

“You mean I get to see the applicant’s criminal report before I meet him?”

A female landlord asked this of my wife last month after hearing about RentValet.

We might save her 5-10 hours per vacancy.  She might enjoy our FREE and unlimited services.  But what is most important to this woman is her safety.

She is the typical real-estate investor, as over 60% of all rental units are owned by individuals.  She has several single family homes in the area and she has a full time job.  The only time she can meet a prospective tenant is in the evenings or on the weekends.  Her goal is to fill vacancies as fast as possible with qualified applicants, and she currently meets them at a time of their choosing.

She prioritized her business over her own safety because, until RentValet, there was no other option.

RentValet is located in Cincinnati, where a recent serial rapist operated in 2006.  The Blue-Eyed Rapist was his nickname and he terrorized the Cincinnati area, including bordering towns in Indiana and Kentucky.

His modus-operandi: David Hopper (above) would schedule showings at model homes in the evenings with female real-estate agents.  Then he’d rob and rape them.

The threat is real, and as of today only one Internet service provides a Screen-Before-You-Meet solution: RentValet.

Hopper was finally caught and is serving, or owes, prison time in all three states.

Media Links: News5 (2007), Dayton Daily News (2009), and Fox19 (2010).

Another blog post inspired by RentValet friend Bob K.

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