January 20, 2012

The 3.0 Internet Listing Service

The evolution of Internet Listing Services (ILS) explained:

In the beginning... there were the fee-based, old-media ILS's.  And Craigslist. We group these ILS's into the "1.0" category.  They were first to present online rental ads.  They were the pioneers.

In the past 7 years a new breed of ILS has emerged - the 2.0.  2.0's brought better services to market as a reaction to the primitive nature of the 1.0's, and the 1.0s' laziness when it came to innovation and improvements.  

A 2.0 might offer a map interface, social-media integration, mobile, or some other feature that makes it easier for property managers to advertise and prospective tenants to search.  

But even with the benefits of the 2.0's there was still one big problem:  tenant-applicants must go offline to continue the application process.  

This means a drive across town, paper forms, large application fees, email, voicemail, and risks like identity theft or Landlord Fraud.  Or, all the problems we solved with RentValet.

Today, we introduce the first 3.0 ILS: NoAppFees.   

NoAppFees is a Google Maps & 3Taps mashup ILS with the RentValet shopping cart in every rental ad.  

This is our definition of a 3.0: An ILS that keeps applicants and landlords online through the entire rental application process.

It is our mission to help other listing services make the upgrade to 3.0.

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