January 21, 2011


CrowdSPRING is a service not unlike RentValet.  They bring two parties together in an intermediary model, manage the process of the transaction, and deliver benefits to both.

CrowdSPRING is a contest site for graphic artists.  Buyers, like RentValet, can post a graphics project to the site's artists.  The site lets artists post their work for the buyer's review and vote.  At the end of the contest the buyer selects the winning image, and the artist is awarded a cash prize.

RentValet posted a project to CrowdSPRING for our Internet Listing Service image.  It was encouraging to see over 160 artists join the contest, but only about 10% actually submitted images for review.   This is likely due to the nature of the project.  It was intimidating!

Create a shopping-cart-like image with 6 components that is intuitive, custom and professional.  Size is limited, but shape, colors and layout are all up to the artist.  Reference images: None.  The RentValet image is the first to ever exist in a rental listing.  What should it look like?  Oh, and one third of the US adult population may see and use the image.

This contest was a good exercise and worth the expense.  We received over 200 images.  This allowed the RentValet team to view the various layouts and select from many quality images.

Here is the first official RentValet Listing Service Image:

Here are some of the runner-up images: