July 1, 2009

RentValet - TBD

Backdated to our incorporation date - July 1, 2009.  Written in January 2011.

A lot has changed since 2004.  That was when I closed my first attempt to deliver online rental application services to US renters.

Preimco was a B2B (business to business) service.  The intent was to sell property accounts to landlords and have the landlords direct their applicants to Preimco to apply.  The market did not like paying for an untested service that would save them 5-10 hours per vacancy and provide a ROI in as little as six months, and so after 22 months of successful beta use, the Preimco servers were turned off.

Seven years later - RentValet's model is to give America's tenant-applicants a tool to pre-qualify themselves and to notify multiple landlords of their interest in their vacancies.  We will still require the landlord to waive his application fees as we did with Preimco, but the system will otherwise be free to the landlord regardless of how many vacancies he chooses to fill.

Pre-Qualification is one of the nine new concepts RentValet will introduce to the market, and one of the 10 claims in RentValet's patent applications.  The RentValet service is profoundly different from anything this market has seen.

We anticipate a bumpy road ahead as we introduce these revolutionary changes to the market.  Our confidence is high as we drive this market to a future where America's landlords, and their tenant-applicants, will stay online through the entire rental application process.